A work of art; Highly refined

Drumming is a primal human activity that’s been a part of who we are for as long as our species has existed. While modern machinery and production techniques have their place, something important is lost when the careful, individualized attention of a true craftsman isn’t part of the equation. Percussionists can hear it. They can feel it. And so can audiences.
Here are some ways custom handmade drums by RBH drums USA are different:

Craftsmanship – The expertise and careful attention to detail of a skilled woodworker. The ear of a musician. The knowledge of how sound travels through various materials and spaces. All of these disciplines come into play in the creation of a world-class musical instrument.

custom drums, hand made drums-rbh drums

Handmade – RBH drums are custom-made, handcrafted musical instruments. While state-of-the-art machinery is used during the process, all the work is done by hand, from cutting and gluing the scarf joints to buffing the lugs to applying the final finish. Every RBH drum is truly a one-of-a-kind.


Wood Selection – Many factors affect the quality and character of a drum’s sound. One of the most basic is the type of wood the drum is made from. Here’s a rundown of the choices available to you in an RBH drum:

  • Maple. A solid, all-around snare sound. Excellent projection, good high-end crack with moderate overtones. Very nice choice for a drum of multiple applications.
  • Cherry. Best described as “sweet.” A beautiful sounding drum, somewhat dryer than maple but with a richness maple doesn’t possess. Minimal overtones, good high-end crack. Can be tuned for deeper tones as well.
  • Walnut. Deep, dry and beautiful. Fat backbeat drum, beautiful visual presentation. Not much high-end crack, but very versatile.